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Buck and a Qtar Buck and a Qtar
Earned for scoring 125 points in a season.

Introduced 05/01/2013

Players With This Badge (16)

PlayerDate Earned
Justin Bath08/20/2017
Julie Schober08/14/2017
Todd Yoder03/29/2017
Fil Baird11/22/2016
George Peran11/20/2016
Francis Parks11/20/2016
Joe Kosack08/10/2016
Steve Jonke11/12/2015
Joe Schober08/05/2015
Edan Grossman07/27/2015
Kevin Stone08/04/2014
Austin Mackert04/21/2014
Dave Hubbard12/04/2013
Justin Day08/14/2013
Scott Sidley08/14/2013
Colin Horner07/25/2013