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Earned for qualifying for the playoffs by a tiebreaker.

Introduced 09/01/2011

Players With This Badge (20)

PlayerDate Earned
Audrey Bonsignore12/06/2018
Fred Butts08/19/2018
John Locke08/20/2017
Scott Sidley08/20/2017
Tony Stone08/14/2017
Mike Polisky08/10/2017
Jon Kraden 03/30/2017
Tim Peterson08/10/2016
Jonathan Williams04/18/2016
Rob Wintler-Cox04/13/2016
Edan Grossman11/16/2015
Steve Jonke04/16/2015
Jason Charlton12/03/2014
Andy Wangman08/06/2014
Rudy Keiser04/21/2014
Rich Achterberg04/17/2013
Joe Schober04/17/2013
Mario Adractas04/08/2013
Justin Bath04/08/2013
Todd Yoder08/22/2012