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Bad Beat Bad Beat
Earned for getting a personal high score on a machine and still losing.

Introduced 05/15/2012

Players With This Badge (19)

PlayerDate Earned
Francis Parks10/15/2017
Scott Sidley07/20/2017
Jason Bell11/14/2016
Kenneth Durgin10/13/2016
Joe Kosack10/05/2016
Bridget Merz08/11/2016
Dan Madere08/09/2016
Jason Charlton12/02/2015
Jon Stephanou06/08/2015
Jonathan Williams05/25/2015
Edan Grossman07/24/2014
Adam Noll07/09/2014
Rob Thomas07/09/2014
Kevin Myers04/16/2014
Dan Cotter04/07/2014
Bill Wetzelberger12/04/2013
Rudy Keiser11/11/2013
James Daley11/07/2013
Justin Day09/25/2013