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Earned for scoring 4+2+4+2 points in a meet.

Introduced 01/15/2013

Players With This Badge (31)

PlayerDate Earned
Alex Jeffrey11/18/2018
Frank Cueto10/30/2018
Dennis Muse10/11/2018
Rob Thomas07/19/2018
Alexis Bradley05/31/2018
Dana Ost04/04/2018
Dustin Rosenberry03/28/2018
John Locke11/12/2017
Lindsey Most10/26/2017
Christine Grieco10/19/2017
Audrey Bonsignore09/18/2017
Rob Wintler-Cox09/17/2017
Daniel Reynolds02/23/2017
Dave Hubbard01/25/2017
Jason Parks10/02/2016
Angie Cornish09/27/2016
George Peran08/10/2016
Jason Charlton07/06/2016
Eric Schoch06/16/2016
Austin Mackert06/09/2016
Scott Sidley04/13/2016
Ethan O'Toole05/25/2015
Edan Grossman01/29/2015
Dan Cotter11/03/2014
Kevin Stone06/16/2014
Andy Wangman03/12/2014
Sergio Johnson03/05/2014
Jake Peterson11/06/2013
Jude Gabriel10/09/2013
Rich Achterberg06/26/2013
Todd Yoder06/12/2013